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  • Unique Coverage for Healthcare Providers -- Ensure Your Clients are Covered

    Understand how a unique and effective insurance solution can help your clients address regulatory challenges, including Medicare and Medicaid billing errors investigations.

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  • Why the Partnership Advantage Can Help Your Clients

    A collaborative partnership between the insurer and themselves is something clients now expect when they look to buy insurance.

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  • Insuring Residential Care Facilities

    The number of facilities that care for the aging population of the U.S. continues to skyrocket, but their insurance needs are unique. Get the details so you can help them help others.

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  • Rescue Lens: Cutting costs, improving efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction

    The claims process is complex and expensive, and it is the only experience most customers will have after they purchase a policy. Help your agents see the claim through the eyes of the customer.

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  • Sexual Misconduct & Molestation Coverage for Growing Risks 2017

    Download this Fact Sheet to learn how sexual misconduct and molestation liability is designed to assist transportation companies, universities, and municipalities in fulfilling their insurance needs.

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