James Daly

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James Daly is the CEO at Euler Hermes Americas, a leading provider of trade credit insurance. James was named Head of Region for Euler Hermes Americas in 2015. James joined the Americas Region in January 2014 as Regional Head of MMCD, where he focused on various customer centricity, product development and system initiatives, as well as sales and distribution enhancements in the region. Previously, James spent more than two years at Euler Hermes’ corporate headquarters in France serving as Global Head of Sales and Distribution. Prior to that, he spent two years as Regional Head of MMCD in the Northern European region, one of the largest and most diversified regions in the Euler Hermes Group. He has spent over 12 years with Euler Hermes, originally joining as Commercial Director for the UK. He has broad financial services experience from his time at Hertz Lease, Ford Motor Credit and ABN Amro.

  • When Customers Don't Pay

    A non-payment event, no matter the size, can feel overwhelming. The damage isn't cleaned up overnight, and it can be an ongoing challenge to restore...

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