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  • Alex Young

    Alex Young, Vice President of Risk Solutions at DRN.


    In this position, Alex is responsible for developing the Insurance Market for DRN.


    Alex brings experience international sales and executive management, as well as 25 years of experience in the Insurance industry leading many successful sales startups and financial turnarounds. Prior to joining DRN, Alex was the Executive Vice President of the Americas at eBaoTech successfully securing the company’s first North American client as well as several tier 1 global clients for eBaoTech’s policy and claims administration suites. Alex also worked for Vertafore as Vice President of Insurance Carrier Sales where he focused on agent/carrier connectivity for distribution and grew the company to the No. 1 position in that market.


    Alex holds an MBA (focused on Information Technology) from Babson College, an MST (focused on Corporate Taxation) from Bentley College, and a BS in Management and Mathematics from Worcester State University.


    He can be reached at

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